About WE

Two Pioneers in the Office Furniture Industry Created Workplace Emporium-a premier online marketplace for office furniture solutions.
Two successful icons within the Office Furniture Industry, came together to create, the “Workplace Emporium”, a unique Office Furniture business. With their combined design and manufacturing background, they had completed over 10,000 successful office furniture installations throughout the United States and are pioneers of internet marketing of Office Furniture and Services.
Workplace Emporium Offers a Wide Range of Quality Office Furnishings and Precision Installations
State of the Art Design and New Technology will be featured and will be influenced in our designs and products keeping a progressive edge to meet our customer’s current and future demands and interests.  Value Priced Product Lines, Accessories, Space Planning and Specialty Custom Furniture items.
Workplace Emporium Specializes in complete Office Furniture Purchases and Installations for Large to Small businesses
In addition, individual furniture items such as a conference table, chair purchases or a reception desk, either for the first time furniture buyers or new purchases to enhance your existing office environment, Workplace Emporium can provide you with a variety of options and is here to assist you. We can manage your Space Planning and Installations for you in a “Professional and Precision manner” and Workplace Emporium will provide you with useful information to optimize your buying experience. We understand the steps required to complete a successful furniture purchase project.
Whether you have a small satellite office in Los Angeles or a large new building or campus for 250 plus employees in New Jersey, you will receive personalized service from the Workplace Emporium team of professionals. We will coordinate your project from purchase through completion and can provide installations anywhere in the United States. Everything is in stock and available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION with the exception of our Custom Specialty items or Special Design requests.
We welcome you to review our current product lines on the Workplace Emporium web site and continue to watch for New Products and Furniture Collections, Promotions and Specialty items as we continue to grow our portfolio of Office Furniture products.
Workplace Emporium is available to assist you with all your current and future Office Furniture purchases and feel free to call us today at 877-335-3050. Thank you for choosing Workplace Emporium and we will look forward to serving you and your business with all your current and future Office Furniture purchases.


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