9 Worst Types of Group Text Messages #Mashable

  • 1. The Late-Night Chain


    Polite people don’t send texts after 10 p.m. on weeknights – especially group texts. There’s nothing more annoying than just barely falling asleep, only to be woken repeatedly by nothing of importance.

    Here’s a friendly reminder about time zones: A midnight text from California is a 3 a.m. text in New York. Texts at 3 a.m. are reserved for booty calls and bad news only.

  • 2. The Response-Worthy Announcement


    You’re engaged! You had a baby! You need our addresses for the wedding invitations! Cool. Send out individual texts (copy and paste!) or save it for email where people can hit ‘reply’ instead of ‘reply all.’

    A gigantic group message that mandates a response only means that your friends’ phones will be inundated with texts from strangers.

  • 3. The Data-Killer


    It’s true – not everyone has unlimited data. GIFs, emoji, photos, and videos eat data for breakfast. Your friend with the limited plan is just too embarrassed to say anything so they’ll keep paying a higher phone bill instead. And for what? So you could send a Blue Ivy VMA GIF instead of actually writing a response?

  • 4. The Mid-Meeting Conversation


    Many people unfortunately spend much of their day sitting in meetings or in class. While mid-morning or mid-afternoon week days might be prime time for boredom to strike, save the group text for after 5 p.m. Unless you want your friend’s pocket to vibrate repeatedly as he sits next to the CEO. (Hey, you never know!)

  • 5. The “I’m Still Here”


    You’re such a good friend that you invited all of your buddies out tonight via group text message. Unfortunately, your old college roommate can’t come. Instead of blowing up his phone with every detail of your evening, remove him from the chain. As far as you know his cell phone is roaming in Europe or he’s in a movie theater during a really quiet scene or his battery is about to die and he needs the last bit of juice for directions home.

  • 6. The “Who’s this?”


    While it’s not always cool to add a group of strangers onto the same text chain, it is likely that people are wondering who you are too.

    Do you really want everyone to introduce themselves? Then don’t ask. But senders, remember: Not everyone is okay with a group text chain with an unknown number and no explanation.

  • 7. The “You Know I Have a Droid”


    iMessage is not available on Android devices. If you send out a group text message to a bunch of iPhone users and one Droid user, the Droid phone will not receive your group texts.

    Check the color of your message bubble. Blue means iMessage is working successfully. Green means there could be a chance that one of the numbers on your chain is a Droid – and the top of your screen probably says “Group MMS” instead of “Group.”

  • 9. The Resurfaced Hello


    When a group text message dies, it dies forever and probably for a good reason. It can’t come back to life – unless it’s relevant to the previous conversation. A “hey, how’s it going” is unacceptable even if you’re really, really bored.

  • 8. The Cliffhanger


    This scatterbrain can probably be found in your email inbox too. Whoever started the group text message chain is now the leader and must answer any questions asked of him or her. If you wanted to take advantage of the convenience of text messaging, you better respond to the follow-up texts. I need information from you, dude.

    via – http://www.mashable.com

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