12 Theories About Where The Dinosaur Ghosts Are #BUZZFEED

1. The Dr. Alan Grant Theory

The Dr. Alan Grant Theory

We don’t see dinosaur ghosts because they’re hanging out with the REAL dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

2. The Mysterious Noises Theory

The Mysterious Noises Theory

That creak in your attic? It’s just a brontosaurus searching for a leaf, no worries.

3. The Littlefoot Theory

The Littlefoot Theory

Turns out that the Land Before Time is actually a factual documentary about where the dinosaurs went. They’re all still chilling in the Great Valley, we just haven’t found them yet.

4. The Steven Theory

The Steven Theory

How else could he have created such an accurate cinematic representation of dinosaurs? There’s only one answer.

5. The Turtle Theory

The Turtle Theory

Observe this turtle, there is no way he does not know anything about where the dinosaur ghosts are. Look, he’s basically a dinosaur himself.

6. The Ugly Crying Theory

The Ugly Crying Theory

Bunim/Murray Productions Ryan Seacrest Productions/E! Entertainment

The reason behind Kim Kardashian’s ugly crying is because, just when she gets a little sad, hundreds of dinosaur apparitions appear. They’re only visible to her.

7. The Nessie Theory

The Nessie Theory

Remember that time you visited Scotland and you swore you saw the Loch Ness monster? Well, you’re not crazy. Nessie is obviously the ghost of a plesiosaur, and the rest of the dinosaur ghosts are down in the Loch Ness partying with her.

8. The ~No Regrets~ Theory

The ~No Regrets~ Theory

It is said that ghosts continue haunting this world because they have unfinished business. Well, dinosaurs just lived awesome with absolutely no regrets. Above is a very realistic photo of a dinosaur living with no regrets.

9. The Sunscreen Theory

The Sunscreen Theory

Long ago, the inventors of “sunscreen” figured out that “sunburn” was not caused by overexposure to the sun, but overexposure to dinosaurs ghosts. They are everywhere, and due to our restricted vision, we can only feel them on our itchy, burning skin.

10. The Toronto Raptors Theory

The Toronto Raptors Theory

It’s pretty suspicious that there’s only ONE professional sports team named after a type of dinosaur. There are no dinosaur ghosts because they’ve all been reincarnated…to play for the Toronto Raptors.

11. The Godzilla Theory

The Godzilla Theory

The dinosaurs are mad about their unfair depiction as evil “MONSTERS” in the movie Godzilla so they exclusively haunt the director of the original film.

12. The Bill Murray Theory

The Bill Murray Theory

Touchstone Pictures/Buena Vista Pictures

In the afterlife you can pretty much do whatever you want, and the dinosaurs have chosen to ditch the rest of us to hang out with Bill Murray and Bill Murray only.

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