21 Cool Gadgets That Every Runner Could Use #buzzfeed

1. Pacebands


Knowing what your splits should be is really important if you’re trying to run a certain time — especially for longer distances. These bracelets, available in a wide range of distances and goal times, save you the trouble of memorizing every split or trying to do the math on the fly.

2. The Stick

The Stick


The Stick is a godsend for sore legs after a long run or tough workout. It’s great for getting the lactic acid out of your tired legs, or for loosening up before a race.

3. Yaktrax

Yaktrax / yaktrax.com


Don’t let winter limit you to a treadmill for three months! But don’t fall on your ass either! Yaktrax attach themselves to your running shoes to give you some much-needed grip on icy or snowy roads and trails.

4. A multipurpose ID bracelet

A multipurpose ID bracelet

IDmeBand / Via amazon.com

It’s usually a pretty good idea to run with some form of ID on you in case disaster strikes. While there are simpler ways to do it, this ID bracelet is made of paracord stringing, and can be used as a tourniquet or rope in case of an emergency. It can also double as a replacement shoelace in case of a much less serious emergency.

5. Arm Warmers

Asics / amazon.com

Asics / amazon.com


If you’ve never used them, arm warmers might seem kinda unnecessary but they’re perfect for chilly fall days that don’t quite merit an entire extra layer. Plus, if you decide you’re too hot, they’re much easier to take off and hold on to than a full-fledged running jacket. There are much fancier pairs, but these simple ones from Asics do the job.

6. Re-String It

Re-String It / re-stringit.com


ReString It / youtube.com


Losing the drawstring on your favorite pair of running shorts can be a horrendous pain to fix. This gizmo makes it a lot easier.

7. Ion


Ion / iondesigns.ca


While most running shoes and a lot of jackets have reflective strips on them, you can never be too visable to cars while running when it’s dark out. This Canadian company offers reflective strips in a variety of designs that you can iron onto almost any piece of clothing. They do customized designs too!

8. Knuckle lights


Knuckle Lights / youtube.com


If you want to go a step beyond reflectors to be seen (and help yourself see), these LED knuckle lights will do the trick. Plus, you’ll probably feel a little bit like Iron Man.

9. Foam roller

Foam roller

AXIS / Via optp.com

Rolling against this big foam log after a run hurts so good. It’s less portable than The Stick, but it can hit different muscles to prevent injury and soreness.

10. Rundies


Oiselle / Via oiselle.com

Everyone could use more underwear and these cheeky briefs will help you keep track of your workout schedule.

11. Stretch rope

Stretch rope


A good rope opens up a whole new world of stretches, making sure you’re as loose as possible after a good workout.

12. Transition and Seat Wrap

Orange Mud / orangemud.com

Orange Mud / orangemud.com


This towel is multipurpose. It’s got a built-in belt so you’re less likely to exposure yourself when changing in or out of your running shorts in public, and it’s big enough to cover your car seat after a run. Few things are as gross as a sweat-soaked leather car seat.

13. Shirts that reveal a hidden message when you sweat

Viewsport / viewsport.us


Viewsport / youtube.com


These cool shirts by Viewsport are meant to get gross and sweaty, as they reveal a secret, usually inspirational message when they get wet.

14. Body Glide

Bodyglide / bodyglide.com


Bodyglide / youtube.com


Chafing is one of the worst things that can happen to a runner. So don’t let it happen.

15. Cool Towel


MissionAthletecare / youtube.com


After you get these towels wet and snap them a couple times, they become cool, which is exactly what you need after a long hot run. They unfortunately don’t get icy cold, but they offer a little easy and portable relief.

16. Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket

Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket

Salomon / Via salomon.com

Super leightweight jackets like this one are beloved by trail runners because they block wind and rain in a pinch, but can curl up into a tiny ball when they’re not needed. Trail runners have nicknamed them “condom jackets,” but you, uh, don’t have to call them that.

17. Shower Wipes

Shower Wipes

Nathan Sports / Via nathansports.com

When you’ve got to squeeze a run into the middle of the afternoon, these portable wipes can help make it so you’re not grody for the second half of the day.

18. The FlipBelt


TheFlipBelt / youtube.com


The FlipBelt is an easy way to store your keys, iPod, or pretty much anything else you’d need to bring along on a run.

19. Recovery sandals

Recovery sandals

Oofos / Via store.oofos.com

Running can be murder on your feet. These sandals absorb more impact than traditional flops, so they’re an ideal casual recovery footwear.

20. Shwings


Will these actually help your run in any way? Probably not, but just look at ‘em! If Hermes and The Flash can run fast with winged boots, you should too!

21. Drinking glasses


After a tough run, you deserve it, and why not enjoy a drink out of a glass that lets everyone know what’s up? What is a beer or two but a little bit of extra carbo loading anyway?

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