14 Everyday Gadgets That Once Seemed Ridiculous #buzzfeed

1. Microwave Oven — yeah, “lightwaves.” OK, sure.


Since its introduction in 1947, we’ve learned that this crazy light box allows us the luxury of never becoming real adults.

2. The Magnetic Strip — but where’s the money?!

Apparently there’s a lot of money on that magnetic strip — especially parents’ magnetic strips.

3. The Walkman — why would you walk around in public with things jammed in your ears? Does it even record?

14 Everyday Gadgets That Once Seemed Ridiculous
Asim Bijarani / CC BY 2.0 / Via Flickr: 8624431@N08

Earphones, we’ve learned, are useful for avoiding creepy guys on the train.

4. Hair Dryer — sounds pretty vain.

Hair Dryer — sounds pretty vain.

Gaiger / Hulton Archive

Early versions required users to attach their brush to their vacuum cleaner. Now they’re so simple they can be found on the walls of shady roadside motels.

5. Mouse — ha, next thing you know, we’re just going to touch the screen.

Mouse — ha, next thing you know, we're just going to touch the screen.

Getty Images

Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1963. One of the first designs was wooden, and another was knee-operated. Not surprisingly, the version we know today was the clear winner.

6. GPS — what is this, a McCarthy spy investigation? lol

We’ve grown more comfortable with GPS because it tells us where restaurants are.

7. Remote Control — so there’s just NO knob anymore?

14 Everyday Gadgets That Once Seemed Ridiculous

Imagine not being able to switch the channel immediately. How would you ever hide your love of soap operas?

8. Webcam — hmmmm… seems pre-recorded.

But nowadays, how would you ever have a long-distance relationship?

9. Electric Toothbrush — oh, sure, a bunch of wires in my mouth? Thanks but no thanks.

Now dentists make us feel guilty for not using them.

10. Can Opener — ummm, I think we have this figured out already, thank you very much.

REX USA/Steve Back / Daily Mail / Rex

Admittedly, they’re still a little difficult to use. Thank God we have electronic ones.

11. ATM — sounds like Pandora’s box of thievery.

Ray Moreton / Getty Images

Now they’re in casinos!

12. Video Games — make sense, but I doubt it’s more fun than playing outside.

Keystone / Hulton Archive

Consumers were confused by initial marketing for video games. Most thought it was a television accessory and didn’t see it ever becoming popular. (Or super, mega, extremely popular.)

13. Digital Pet — doesn’t make sense, definitely less fun than playing outside.

James Grant / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr: _jwg

And yet, who didn’t fight to keep their Tamagotchi alive?

14. Mobile Phone — sounds like a nuisance.

Stacey / Hulton Archive

You know — the most important thing in your entire life.

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