6 Super Bowl XLVIII Facts You Won’t Believe #mashable #superbowlXLVIII

East Rutherford, N.J., meet 400,000 strangers.

That’s the number of visitors expected to make their way to the greater New York City area during the week of Super Bowl 2014. Roughly 20% of those guests, 82,500 to be exact, will be attending the game. As for what the other 320,000 visitors will be doing — who knows?

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Below, we’ve compiled some of the craziest facts about the 48th Super Bowl and what it’ll mean for the players, the ticket holders and the region.

1. New Jersey hotels are hiking prices wayup.

Visitors are heading to the tri-state area in droves, whether to lodging surrounding the stadium in New Jersey or to more creative Manhattan accommodations. New Jersey hotels are egregiously gauging their nightly rates. The New York Post reports that a Days Inn in North Bergen has jacked its $125 per night standard rate to $1,300.

2. The game has been dubbed “The Marijuana Bowl.”

Both Colorado and Washington (the two teams slotted to play this year’s bowl) have recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Therefore, fans and analysts have coined this year’s football super-holiday “The Marijuana Bowl.” Surely, the NFL couldn’t be more excited about this.

3. One lane of the Lincoln Tunnel will be reserved for stadium traffic.

Lincoln tunnel


Traffic jammed leading up to the Lincoln tunnel on Feb. 24, 2011.


According to The New York Times, one lane of traffic on the Lincoln Tunnel will be dedicated specifically to the fleet of buses traveling to and from the game.

4. Peyton Manning’s play-calling will help charity.

Thanks to eight Omaha-based companies, $800 will be donated to Manning’s “Peyback Foundation” every time he shouts “Omaha” during the big game. If you’ve ever seen Manning play, you’ll understand how this method already raised $24,800 during the AFC Championship Game.

5. Roughly 400,000 visitors are expected for the week of the Super Bowl.

That’s just a tad under the total population of Miami, Fla., coming to the greater New York City area to visit.

6. A warm seat could cost you up to $1 million.

According to the New York Post, the cheapest seat available for purchase at MetLife Stadium is going for $2,096. One seller listed his climate-controlled luxury suite spot for $1,019,000.

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