8 Twitter Hashtags You’re Not Using Yet


  • 1. #WRBS

    The acronym stands for “Would Rather be Sleeping,” a sentiment many Twitter users share. It’s like a snooze button for your tweets.

  • 2. #MeanGirlsAppreciationDay

    Mean Girls is more than a movie; it’s an often-quoted Internet cult classic. Use it in your next tweet, because every day is Mean Girls Appreciation Day.

  • 3. #WomanCrushWednesday

    Much like #ManCrushMonday, #WomanCrushWednesday is all about appreciating the gorgeous women in our lives. Just don’t be a creep about it.

  • 4. #80stweets

    What would Twitter have looked like in the ’80s? That’s the question this tag tries to answer. Now that ’90s nostalgia has taken over, however, this tag could use a needed boost.

  • 5. #11thCommandment

    A play on the Old Testament’s 10 Commandments, this hashtag presents unspoken rules and bad ideas. Whether you think leggings don’t qualify as pants or cutting lines at crowded bus stations should be illegal, this hashtag is for you. Use it wisely.

  • 6. #MomQuotes

    No matter where your family hails from, someone’s bound to blurt something hilarious or inappropriate. Chronicle the best quotes from the maternal figure in your life using this hashtag, which tends to crop up around Mother’s Day.

  • 7. #CrapSuperPowers

    The best superpowers are easy to name: flying, X-ray vision, super strength and speed (all of which Superman has). This hashtag details the bad powers no one wants. After all, how useful can growing your nails at super speed really be?

  • 8. #TweetsIWishWereJokes

    This hashtag had a very limited run but is filled with comedic possibility. Poke holes in ridiculous tweets, document terrible conversations or your own embarrassing thoughts. It’s definitely time for a revival.

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