Top 10 Tech This Week [MASHABLE]

  • Google-glasses

    1. Google Glass Owners Get Free Hardware Upgrade

    If you own Google Glass, you can swap your device for the latest model. The new Glass Explorer Edition is faster, more durable and will be compatible with other frames.

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  • Chair

    2. Tongue-Controlled Wheelchair Helps Paralyzed People Move

    Using a magnetized tongue piercing and a wireless head set, quadriplegics can control their wheelchairs with their tongues.

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  • 2amzndron09870df1

    3. Amazon Unveils Flying Delivery Drones on 60 Minutes

    Amazon revealed tentative plans to deliver packages via drones. If the company gets FAA approval, it could mean major changes in the delivery business.

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  • Unikey

    4. UniKey Unlocks Doors by Touch for 21st Century Entry

    Keys can be a hassle — they are easily lost, hard to use when carrying multiple items and can break inside a lock. UniKey helps get you into your house faster and easier with a simple touch.

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  • Solar-panels

    5. Gravity Squeezes 40% More Power From These Solar Panels

    Eden Full, a Princeton University undergrad, created an optimized solar panel that generates 40% more power. How? Using Earth’s gravity.

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  • Smart-power-strip

    6.Smart Power Strip Lets You Control Appliances Remotely

    You might never have to worry again that you’ve left a hair straightener plugged in. The Smart Power Strip can turn appliances on and off with a simple command from your smartphone.

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  • Smart-bra

    7. Microsoft Is Working on a High-Tech Bra

    The company that created the Xbox One is currently developing a smart bra to warn women against emotional eating.

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  • Aeon-attire-gloves

    8. Smart Gloves Mimic Human Touch, Making Winter More Bearable

    Never risk frostbite to access your smartphone again. These stylish gloves from AEON Attire use nanotechnology to mimic human finger movement.

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  • Yotathumb

    9. Dual-Screen YotaPhone Hits Shelves in Russia

    Multitasking on a smartphone will never be the same thanks to the YotaPhone, which allows users to wield two screens back-to-back.

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  • Waveman-1

    10. New ‘Active’ Invisibility Cloak Shields Across Light Frequencies

    While you still can’t be invisible to the human eye, scientists have created a cloaking system that will hide objects at the microwave level. Using electric power, the cloak bends light waves around an object, making it appear as though the object isn’t even there.

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