11 Things People Would Probably Bring To A Desert Island In 2013

1. Tinder


Dan Toy / Via buzzfeed.com

If there’s another hot millennial on this island, you better hope they don’t swipe next.

2. Cronuts


What? Are you going to eat fish all day? This calorically dense delicacy will give you the energy you need to build a raft from bamboo.

3. TED Talks

TED Talks

urban_data / Via Flickr: 67003323@N00

And how will you build your bamboo raft? With the direction of an uplifting TED Talk.

4. Netflix


Lars Plougmann / Via Flickr: 75062596@N00

Don’t get caught on a desert island without Netflix, or you’ll simply just die.

5. Instagram


sosisland / Via instagram.com

Aside from brunch, desert islands are literally what Instagram was made for.

6. An exercise band

An exercise band

CC BY 2.0 / Brian Giesen / Via Flickr: 13658024@N00

Just think about the amount of points you’ll rack up on this thing!!

7. An internet cat

11 Things People Would Probably Bring To A Desert Island In 2013

They won’t kill mice for you, but they will look super cute, and you can cuddle.

8. Ramen burger

Ramen burger

CC BY 2.0 / a_b_normal123 / Via Flickr: 48041244@N05

Forget clean water—what you need on an island is a ramen burger.

9. A juicer

A juicer

With that mega abundance of flora around you, you’re going to need a juicer to really maximize your vitamin B intake.

10. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Having the new GTA V actually makes you glad you’re on a deserted island.

11. Your Beats by Dre headphones

11 Things People Would Probably Bring To A Desert Island In 2013

You’re not dealing with ambient island noise, sorry.

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