11 Last-Minute Fourth Of July DIY Projects For The Whole Family [BUZZFEED]

1. Rocket, With Paper and Scissors

Rocket, With Paper and Scissors

If you happen to have some cardboard or paper lying around, then you should get on this. And let’s be real — everyone has some random spare cardboard lying around somewhere.

Via: alphamom.com

2. Star Jars

Star Jars

These bad boys are so cute, you could pretend you’re in every romantic comedy ever. You can use these to keep those pesky bugs away.

3. Stars and Stripes Streamers

Stars and Stripes Streamers

This is almost as fun as popping bubble wrap. Just buy a star hole-punch and GO TO TOWN on these guys. You could definitely keep a 5-year-old occupied for about 10 hours.

4. Sparklers That Don’t Burn Your Eyes Out

Sparklers That Don't Burn Your Eyes Out

Listen, guys — sparklers are dangerous. Paper is safer.

5. Classic Bandana Bunting

Classic Bandana Bunting

Here’s another thing every single person has lying around in the house somewhere!

6. Make Your Razor Scooter Cool Again

Make Your Razor Scooter Cool Again

Remember those awesome and trendy Razor scooters? Maybe they’ve been sitting in your garage since 1999, but you can breathe new life into them with this DIY.

7. Pack an Independence Punch

Pack an Independence Punch

We all know day-drinking can be a bit of a production. Instead of hitting it hard, consider some of these refreshing mocktails to keep the whole family on the same level.

8. Ribbon Dessert Toppers

Ribbon Dessert Toppers

What better way is there to celebrate America than with tons and tons of sweets?

9. Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Ring Pops have been the go-to goodie-bag item since, like, the beginning of time. Every time you got your hands on one, everything in the world felt like it was going to be OK.

10. The Great American Toss-Off

The Great American Toss-Off

Nothing like a little healthy competition, right? Set up this game, and let the fun begin! But also be careful, because things could get ugly.

11. Backyard BBQ Snack Holders

Backyard BBQ Snack Holders

That’s right. Put your snacks in a cone. They’ll taste crunchier (O.K. maybe not, but they’re definitely more fun than a boring old bowl).

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