The Top 10 Cubicle Pranks EVER! [VIDEOS]

1. Jordan’s Lawn Cubicle

Yes, that is actual live grass.

2. Ultimate Cube Practical Joke

These guys win the cubicle war hands-down.

3. Hilarious Office Prank – Princess Office

This company’s National Sales Director felt like a princess when he returned to work….

4. Best Ever Office Prank – Cubicle Snow Globe

This is sheer Kiwi class.

5. Office Prank: Pink Post-It Hearts

You’re looking at 7,425 pink heart-shaped Post-It notes.

6. Best Office Prank Ever! Turning a Cube Into a Mobile Home

The attention to detail here is quite impressive.

7. The Balloonery – 2,500 Balloons

This little stunt took 2,500 balloons, a day to set up and lots and lots of clean up time.

8. Co-Worker Goes on Vacation We Do a Practical Joke on Office

The tin foil office is a classic.

9. Funny Office Prank: The Waffle Cubicle

We’re guessing Kate really likes waffles.

10. Just Another Office Prank

Apparently a bunch of programmers “got bored” while the boss was away.


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