Top 12 Creative X-Mass Gifts of 2012! [pics]


12 Most Awesome Christmas Gifts of 2012

1. Cat Bathing Suit

This is one cat that likes the water.

Image courtesy of Imgur


2. Nicolas Cage Blanket

Face/Off on the couch.

Image courtesy of Imgur


3. George Costanza Dress

Solid purchase from the Jerk Store.

Image courtesy of Imgur


4. Fish Tank Guitar

Swim and strum.

Image courtesy of Imgur


5. Pony

All the pony, none of the stable costs.

Image courtesy of Imgur


6. Well Spent $25

Taking chances.

Image courtesy of Imgur


7. Light Art


Image courtesy of Imgur


8. Pot From Grandma

Don’t worry — it’s not what you think. The recipient shared: “It was a cooking pot and a flashlight.”

Image courtesy of Imgur


9. T-Rex T-Shirt

T-Rex might end up on Girls Gone Wild.

Image courtesy of Imgur


10. Handcrafted Chess Set

Grandad spent 50 years on and off creating this chess set.

Image courtesy of Imgur


11. Twinkies

Alternate card: “May teachers like you get all the beef lard support they need to stay stable.”

Image courtesy of Imgur


12. Anything Wrapped From This Guy

Face it — this is some cool wrapping paper.

Image courtesy of Imgur


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Annie Colbert 13 hours ago
Santa has power-washed his sleigh, the elves have caught a flight to Cabo and you’re left noshing on leftovers, staring at a pile of gifts.

Did St. Nick’s magical sack bring you what you wanted this year? Well, you might think you scored the motherload of fabulous presents, but after taking a gander at Imgur, you might have other thoughts.



Gift-givers and receivers hopped on the Internet’s humble-brag outpost — Reddit — to share the incredibly creative and noggin-boggling gifts they scored this Christmas. We collected 10 of our favorites, and put them in the gallery above for your enjoyment (and envy).

Don’t worry — you have 364 days to think of gifts to top these for Christmas 2013.

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