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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, millions of residents from North Carolina to Canada continue to deal with unprecedented destruction — from power outages to flooding and damaged property.

Residents and government agencies everywhere have been using cellphones and cameras to take photos and upload them to social sites. Social media has played a huge role in getting images of the havoc to the public. During the height of the storm, Instagram users were sharing 10 photos a second. The top Facebook status was, “We are OK.”

Yet amidst the slew of real photos covering the devastation, Photoshop wizards were working their magic to create parody images and others fooled the Internet with a flood of fake photos that weren’t from Sandy at all.

Half of Manhattan remains in the dark. Hundreds of thousands of residents are without power.

Hurricane Sandy leaves half of Manhattan in the dark

Estimates say it could take “several days” before parts of lower Manhattan have power restored.

Hurricane Sandy leaves half of Williamsburg Bridge in the dark
Panorama photos courtesy of Elizabeth Hewitt.

We’ve pulled together some of the most striking photos of the devastation caused by the storm.

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