Need to boost your companies Social media?…. Just free fall from space! [VIDEO]

Mashable reported today that not only did the Red Bull free fall set world records with the act it self but it made social media history as well! details below..

Felix Baumgartner’s Oct. 14 jump from the middle of the earth’s stratosphere, sponsored by Red Bull, made social media and space history. The almost 23-mile free fall jump set records, stunning and amazing people around the world, who reacted on social media.


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Analysis company Taykey examined the chatter from the Red Bull sponsored event and found at the peak of conversation about the skydive, approximately 1% of online conversations revolved around the jump — gaining that much exposure, Taykey said, is “very rare.”

The company found that 54% of the jump’s mentions happened on Twitter, 26% on Facebook, 6% on blogs and 14% on video sites.

The Internet’s activity went hand in hand almost with Baumgartner’s jump, almost silencing when he jumped and then peaking when he landed safely on the ground.

“People were literally holding their breaths,” Taykey said.

Red Bull saw leaps and bounds in the company’s mention, holding one-third of 1% of all Internet activity at the time.

Social media sentiment remained relatively neutral, Taykey found. Positive sentiment toward both Baumgartner and Red Bull was highest right after takeoff.


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